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    Hi! My name is Graham Wetterhahn. I’m an LA-based theatre producer. My team and I looking for a warehouse-type space to set up an environmental/immersive-type staging for our next production. Several members of my team have worked in your space before (American Idiot in 2015) and recommended we reach out to you guys. I was wondering if it would be possible to schedule a walkthrough of the space. We’d be looking for a semi-long term rental. Probably at least 3 months initially. The cause we support would be dependent on which of the show options we end up doing.

    Thank you!
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    Hi it’s Richard korngute it’s been a while but I have a location scout that wants to come see the space today with my guy Sal. I’ve misplaced your number. I can be reached at 213 300-1817 but not between 10:45-12:30 Monday but Sal is 213 509-8977 They want to come today around 1pm

    My partner used to own the building and I have been leasing buildings to the film industry for over 31 years
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    Hello, I’m trying to locate De De Troit. I shot a photo of her in 1978 that someone wants to license. Do you have her contact information or could you forward this message to her? I would appreciate it. Thank you, Mike Murphy (323) 369-0679, Photo Link:
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    I am interested in going to the chocolate festival and since there will be drinking..was wondering what hotels are around there to stay in..thank you
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    I am an event coordinator looking for an event space here in Los Angeles and my team is very interested in your space. We are looking for a venue with a minimum capacity of 400 for small music conference. Rap Sessions Seminars are small professional music mixers where attendees can meet, learn from, and have current music industry A&R executives listen to their projects for possible label deals.

    So to let you know more about the event…. Rap Sessions Seminars sells a limited 150 passes per event, allowing for 2 members of each group to attend. There are never more that 300 attendee’s. The 300 check-in and come sit in our seminar set-up. We begin with a hour to two hour panel Q&A prior our 6-7 panelist break-off into a separate space to listen to the individual demos.

    For the next few hours the main space becomes a networking area for attendee’s where the perimeter is lined with our sponsors tables (about 10 sponsors). The sponsors present and sign attendees up for their goods or service i.e., Recording schools, entertainment attorney’s, licensing executives, local music studios. The panelist table becomes a presentation space for our sponsors to present and answer questions.

    The 6-7 panels simultaneously will be located in a separate room or designated space where each individual panelist meet with (1 at a time) one-on-one with one of our attendees. With 6-7 panelist we cycle trough the 150 groups (300 attendees) with a few hours.

    The conference is usually about 10am – 5pm. We do not provide food, except for lunch for the panelists. We have brought in food trucks before for attendees but we regularly provide water and coffee/tea.

    I am hoping that I gave you enough details and your venue can accommodate our event. Please feel free to call me if you need any questions before issuing a quote for the space. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Leah James

    Rap Session Seminars



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