Service Providers

The Vortex has relationships with various organizers and creatives who collaboratively use the venue as an innovation studio. They operate independently, and are available to consult with clients to make sure events are run smoothly and successfully. The Vortex is not responsible for any agreements made to retain their services. Contact Jeff Norman at 213.375.4150 or about using the venue. He can make referrals as needed, and you may also directly contact the following providers of event services:

HYPERACTIVISTS™ (Sound, lights, staging, audio-visual)
Geza_in_studio.jpgClients can bring their own PA system or hire HYPERACTIVISTS™, a Vortex-approved company who works with nonprofits at a discount. HYPERACTIVISTS™ MUST BE CONTACTED TWO WEEKS BEFORE YOUR EVENT! Their prices are:

BASIC PACKAGE: $75. Includes one microphone and hookups for your DJ or iPod.

FOLK-STYLE: $150. Includes 2 microphones, one monitor, and hookups for your DJ or iPod.

FULL BANDS: $300. Includes 5 mikes, 2 direct boxes, 3 monitors, hookups for your DJ or iPod, and onsite engineer during show. There is a 3 band limit.

PROJECTOR OR SPECIALTY LIGHTS = additional $25 to $100. For more information or for larger packages contact Geza X at 323.354.0618 or HYPERACTIVISTS™ will provide free consultation to Vortex clients.


 Aranya Solutions (Event Planner & Organizational Development)

Katrina_smiling.jpgKatrina Zavalney is a 20-year veteran in all facets of event planning, specializing in green events. She tailors fundraisers, silent auctions, conferences, multi-media events, workshops, festivals and all types of gatherings to meet the clients’ and attendees’ needs. Katrina has a Masters in Organizational Development, and a passion for capacity-building and environmental/social change. Contact her at 503.459.1345 or

Lion's Gate LS (Security Services)
949.433.5762 •