Film Festival Premiere


The Shortland Film Competition is hosting five events – four preliminary rounds, and a championship round – at The Vortex in 2016. Each round has its own unique set of filming criteria, so it’s not about submitting a film already in existence, it’s about creating something brand new under challenging circumstances; including a time frame in which the film is finished, a line of dialogue, props, and a topic. Each round ends with a wrap party, where the top 12 films from each round are screened for industry professionals, indie movie lovers, and the competing teams. Congratulations to Jazmin Harvey and Edmund Lozano and their team for grabbing first place in 2016’s Round One 48 hour film challenge! Their touching story of secrets, double lives, compassion, and finding unexpected trust screened on April 16. This film was a judge and audience favorite, and rightfully so. It had everything; story, cinematography, acting, sound, editing, and a great interpretation and use of the festival’s requirements.