HomeFront Rising Makes Big Spash with Free Trade Video

Award-winning filmmaker Varda Bar-Kar not only mentors veterans, but creates content with them. Varda was a volunteer at the VA in Los Angeles for many years, and we couldn’t be more excited to find out she’s now working with our friends at HomeFront Rising. Her video amplifying Rep. Alan Grayson’s critical analysis of free trade – shot here at The Vortex – was released on April 29, and so far it’s attracted about half a million views on Facebook and YouTube. The video itself – not just Rep. Grayson’s advocacy – has generated media coverage by Fox News and Thom Hartmann (“Absolutely brilliant!”).

HomeFront Arts is a nonpartisan social enterprise that produces all sorts of entertainment and public affairs content in various formats and genres for all media platforms. Whether or not it reflects their personal political views, veterans who frequent The Vortex have the opportunity to develop their craft and gain valuable experience when they participate in projects such as the Grayson video.