How the venue may be used

The Philanthropic Center for the Arts dba The Vortex is a privately funded venture. Its purpose is to facilitate and empower people who are working for positive social change at a grassroots level by providing an affordable performance/event space. 

We support individuals, groups or organizations who seek to raise awareness on issues they believe are important for a better community. We invite all participants to think of solutions in a long-term model of sustainability. How are we going to transform the way we think and live? We invite collaborations of all types.

Please read the Facility Info, Process and Fees, and Insurance, Permits and Legal Obligations pages before submitting your proposal. It contains important information you will need to know!

We will not consider your proposal unless it meets at least some of the following criteria:          

1. Your event provides a service or activity directly to the community such as a lecture, class, or an activity.

2. You are raising funds for a cause with an event, show or sale.

3. You are making a statement about society through your creative expression.                

We reserve the right to decline any proposal due to (but not limited to) the message being unclear or the statement not aligning with our mission statement.

What you are accountable for at The Vortex:

Your message must be explicit. Whether it is raising funds or making a statement, we want it highly visible and clear. A patron walking into the space should know what the event is for, and be reminded of it throughout the day/night.               

Return the space in the same or better condition than you received it. You are responsible for any and all damage that occurs during your event. This includes but is not limited to any equipment, lighting, fixtures, walls, bathroom partitions, and the removal of event décor and props.

Although we are in an M3 industrial zone, people live here, and it is largely because of these tenants that the space continues to run as economically as it does. Therefore, all amplified sound must be turned off by 10 PM Sunday-Thursdday, and 1 AM Friday and Saturday. Cleanup crews must be quiet after those times as well.

As a philanthropic center, anyone who works at the Center is volunteering their time, so please be respectful of their service. We are here for you and to support what you are doing. We ask that you be responsible for your event from beginning to end. If you have questions after reading through our website, put them together for one conversation as opposed to a series of inquiries. Good project planning is the key to a successful Vortex event!