Process and Fees

Step 1: Check our on-line calendar to make sure the dates you want for your event are available.

Step 2: Submit a proposal. Your application will be reviewed as soon as possible. If your proposal is accepted we will contact you. Usually we will also contact you if we decline your proposal. But we are volunteers so sometimes we can’t. If you have follow-up questions, you are welcome to check back via email after a reasonable interval.

Step 3: Make an appointment to sign the agreement and pay your USE FEE + DEPOSIT. Whenever possible, you should schedule a meeting to see the venue and discuss your event prior to signing the contract and paying. The FEE for using the space is $250/day, $100/day for the parking lot (optional) and a site supervisor fee of $125 (half-day) or $250 (full-day). Refundable security deposits range from $250 to $1500, depending on the nature of your event. There are no other mandatory payments to The Vortex, but for certain events we require you to provide security guards, parking attendants and (more rarely) insurance. NOTE: The date is not confirmed until the agreement is signed and the deposit and use fee are paid.

Step 4: Keys are not issued. On the day of your event, the site supervisor (someone from The Vortex) will be there to unlock the space for you and to lock it at the end of the event.

Step 5: Clients can bring their own PA system and/or crew, or hire HYPERACTIVISTS™, a Vortex-approved company that works with nonprofits at a discount. HYPERACTIVISTS™ MUST BE CONTACTED AT LEAST TWO WEEKS PRIOR TO YOUR EVENT!

Their prices are:

Includes one (1) microphone and hookups for your DJ or iPod.

Includes two (2) microphones, one monitor, and hookups for your DJ or iPod.

Includes five (5) microphones, two (2) direct boxes, three (3) monitors, hookups for your DJ or iPod, and onsite engineer during show. There is a 3-band limit.               

PROJECTOR OR SPECIALTY LIGHTS are an additional $25 to $100. For more information or for larger packages, inquire via email. HYPERACTIVISTS™ will provide free consultation to Vortex clients.

Step 6: Once the space is inspected, your deposit will be returned if there is no damage.